The Art of Dharma


A few months ago chance and friendship brought me to sit 8 times with ayahuasca.

I came to her with many grand questions about my life, my destiny, and how I could help humanity.

Her response was not often in words. She communicated mostly in obliterating somatic intensity.

But when she did speak, she told me "Just keep writing."

Somehow I knew, everything I sought would be found in practicing my art.

For me, that is writing.

For you, something else.

But for everyone, something.

Everyone has an art their soul calls them to blossom through.

So, with mine being writing, I came home with a little dream. Instead of writing a trip report...I'm promised to write a little book for artists. I told myself that I would share it the day before I was to leave for my next adventure. Regardless of completeness or polish, I would ship it.

Well, tomorrow I leave for Europe.

And today I have a gift for you all.

Here is the first version of my little book 'The Art of Dharma.' (Enter $0 to get it for free or pay whatever you'd like. I offer it freely).

This is as raw as a piece I've ever shared. I hope you'll read it. I hope parts of it makes you uncomfortable. I hope parts of it help you remember you're not alone and others feel too what you think only you feel. I hope some parts make you cry and that others make you laugh.

I hope you love. I hope you email me your authentic constructive criticism.

I love yall.


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A few months ago chance and friendship brought me to sit 8 times with ayahuasca.

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