I don't know.

Honestly, I
don't know.

I'm still figuring it out every day. So,
a more honest answer would be to share
a little bit of my story.

As a kid, I had an unnatural attraction to mythology.

I read every book I could find on the Greek and Norse pantheon. As a teenager, I was just dumb
enough and just good enough at basketball to seriously believe I could play professionally. Those pro
ball dreams died when I snapped my rotator cuff in my junior year. As I was healing, my mom shared
some of the material she was working on for her evening college classes.

That was when
I discovered

I began to channel the pride, ego, and determination I had directed
towards basketball into philosophy. I ultimately went to college to study
and eventually earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Cognitive Psychology.
Science and Logic were my Gods, and I thought I was writing the next
great philosophical work.

I wasn’t.

I started


I began questioning the nature of reality
and started listening
to the likes of Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Carl Sagan, and
Robert Anton Wilson. My faith in Science and Logic broke. I lost
my metaphysical grounding. I almost lost my sanity.

By the time I graduated, and after a lot of bad philosophical
writing, I had discovered that my goal in life was not to be
hyper-logical, but instead to help people heal. To that end, I’ve
embraced the psychoanalytic perspective of human nature,
specifically Carl Jung’s Analytic Psychology. Life seems to be a
story we are all telling ourselves, and the key to helping people
is to understand what kind of story they are telling themselves,
teach them how to be consciously engaged in their
storytelling, and how to metaprogram it, if they wish.

So, now, I mix all the things I love (learning, writing, teaching,
psychology, and above all else, helping others) right here in
this blog, newsletter, and modest course library where I study
and share the most effective science that helps people improve
their lives.


I created Kathedra to help you transform your psyche into a garden.

Kathedra is a sapling I aspire to gardeninto a university. Kathedra
currently provides courses, The Myths That Make Us, Feasting Friday,
and myself as a consultant. All of these provide science and myths to
help people garden their Psyche.






I graduated college with a Bachelor's of Science in Cognitive Psychology…

...and promptly started my first job with my fancy degree wrapping burritos at Chipotle.

But eventually, I got my sh*t together and got a gig as a customer service rep.

A year later I became one of the founding coaches for
Fit For Service.

3 years later, I became the COO…

During that time, I studied enough psychology to ruin any dinner party…

And realized that I may be the only person on the planet that LOVES to hear other people's dreams.

What some of my friends say

Erick Godsey is a person who was born with a purpose. And that
purpose is to codify the way that the mind works with the heart to
help people unlock their unique purpose in life.
It's been an honor
to work alongside him on our shared mission.

- Aubrey Marcus

Your voice in this space is so eloquent, poetic, and yet succinct. We need more of it.

- Mehcad Brooks

You're like if Carl Jung and Socrates had a child who grew up listening to Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell.

- A Fit For Service member

Feasting Friday

Every Friday I share the story,
song, book, quotes, and journaling
prompts I’m feasting on that week.
Stay connected to share in the
celebration (and sometimes grief).