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Make Your Myth


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What People Are Saying:

My only regret about this course is that I didn't take it sooner. I never thought I could write, and since finishing Erick's course, I've filled four journals. I cannot more highly recommend this course.

Jenn L

“I always met journaling with resistance... that is before I took Erick Godsey’s “Make Your Myth” journaling course. In the course, Erick breaks down how to journal, why journaling is important, and structures the prompt in a sequential format to uncover what’s lying beneath the surface. The prompts, especially at the beginning, have helped me to address parts of my psyche that I didn’t know wanted attention. Since completing the course, I’ve made journaling a near daily practice and it’s something I have come back to again and again when I get stuck, depressed or am facing a massive wave of anxiety. I highly recommend taking this course, thank you Erick!”

Sam B

“Erick Godsey is a person who was born with a purpose. And that purpose is to codify the way that the mind works with the heart to help people unlock their unique purpose in life. It's been an honor to work along side him on our shared mission.".

Aubrey M

"Erick has such a beautiful way of sharing his ideas that are tangible for me to digest. Realizing how long my Daemon has been with me was inspiring to realize. Connecting to my ideal future self was something that I have been experiencing a lot of resistance to, but allowing myself to really connect to that idea during this workshop, and then writing it out, and then having to share that with our partner was very powerful and I definitely felt a shift within me."

Jinica T