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The Dharma Journal (Minimalist Edition)


What You'll Get:

  • A Week-Long Technique to Connect to Your Dharma
  • 7 Guided Meditations (over three hours total)
  • 6 Scientifically-supported writing prompts
  • Lifetime access to all upgrades

What People Are Saying:

Going through each guided meditation has been incredibly powerful. Erick has a gift. I have been meditating for 10 years, and I have never experienced guided meditations like this. This has fundamentally shifted how I operate in the world.

-Andrew K

I love the meditations and access to this awesome journal. It is seriously life changing. I love it. I have been able to go so deep in the meditations it feels like I am dreaming. I have never had so much insight from journaling. It's really a powerful course.

-Elizabeth H

I have pretty much devoured every piece of content Erick has created, and honestly the Dharma Journal is the dopest thing he has created. If you know you or someone you know aren't living their fullest potential, this is your answer.

-Graham D