As a kid, I had an unnatural attraction to mythology. I read every book I could find on the Greek and Norse pantheon. As a teenager, I was just dumb enough and good enough at basketball to seriously believe I could play professionally (emphasis on the dumb.) My ego swelled, and before my junior year of highschool, my rotator cuff snapped.

Soon after my basketball dreams died, my mom shared some of the material she was working on for her evening college classes. That was when I discovered philosophy. In a matter of months, I channeled the pride, ego, and determination I had directed towards basketball towards philosophy.

I went to college wanting to major in philosophy, but they didn’t have a philosophy program, so I sought and got a Bachelor’s of Science in Cognitive Psychology.

I was a curious and questioning kid who grew up without a metaphysical myth. Science and Logic were my Gods, and my goal while at college was to write a logically perfect metaphysics. (Ego inflation is a pattern in my life.)

Soon, I started ingesting psychedelic chemicals, started questioning the nature of reality, and started listening to Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Carl Sagan, and Robert Anton Wilson.

To keep it brief, my faith in Science and Logic broke, I lost my metaphysical grounding. I almost lost my sanity.

By the end of college, and after a lot of bad philosophical writing, my metaphysical conclusion was a kind of Existential Pragmatism, because my goal in life was not to be hyper logical. My goal is to help people heal themselves.

To that end, I’ve embraced the psychoanalytic perspective of human nature, specifically Carl Jung’s Analytic Psychology.

Life seems to be a story we are all telling ourselves, and the key to helping people is to understand what kind of story they are telling themselves, teach them how to be consciously engaged in their storytelling, and how to metaprogram it if they wish.

After graduating, that glorious accomplishment landed me a job wrapping burritos at Chipotle. My first week there successfully persuaded me that I needed to become an entrepreneur. So I decided to mix all the things I love; learning, writing, teaching, psychology, and helping people.

This blog is my sharing while searching. I want to learn, understand, and share the most effective science that helps people improve their lives.