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What other MeatSuits have said:

“I love the Feasting Friday email from my boy Godsey. It's a quick hitter that always leaves me with something I can chew on for my next journal session. Always a solid challenge to implement better habits to become a better monkey suit wearing space cadet. Namasteezy all day errry day.“ - Adam

“Every Friday has now been garnished with a healthy serving of wisdom, a sprinkle of encouragement, a pinch of inspiration, and a whole lot of truth. It is a glorious Feast for fellow consciousness explorers to come fill their bellies with nutritious ideas and satiating curiosity. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Feasting Friday, there’s more than enough food to go around ;)” - Zac

“Whenever I feel lost, frustrated, and disconnected from myself I meditate, and then re-read feasting Friday's. It calms me, settles me in presence, and most importantly makes me feel like I am not alone in this endeavour to understand the human experience. I feel like there is someone, somewhere who feels what I do when I get lost in a state of love and presence. The music and quote tend to always send me to another level of what I am experiencing. And have been at times just what I have needed to not give up on this spiritual journey.“ - Bice

“Erick keeps his weekly reviews short and to the point. If you're like me, you have several weekly reviews blowing up your in box. Being able to quickly find any potential nuggets of knowledge is appreciated. I love the format. You know he's talking about a song first and ends with a journal prompt (which are always inspiring).“ - Casey